What we offer ..

Addas Group provides the steel fibers and steel wool in Middle East while manufactures nails, rest wire, and drawn wire. Our company is keen about offering quality products in order to meet our clients’ requirements as well as expectations in both international and local markets.

Hence, we take pride in helping our customers satisfy their business needs in an affordable and reliable manner. It is our aim to achieve high level of clientele satisfaction in every service that we deliver. Addas Group actually offers two key affiliates in the country namely:

Egyptian Wire Drawing or EWD

In 1997, Egyptian Wire Drawing began producing corrugated fibers as well as steel wool while insistently penetrating the market in Egypt. EWD has established an excellent reputation when it comes to top quality products that have created more opportunities to penetrate various markets in the Middle East and even in Europe.

Egyptian Metal Fibers Inc. or EMFI

In 2004, EMFI started to take over the industry of friction material and allowed EWD to concentrate on Middle East and local markets. For almost 10 years, EMFI has partnered with Green Steel Solana and up until now, the two still increase in market share.

We offer remarkable products while striving to keep its standard as an unswerving benchmark. We are highly committed to serve with excellent quality with our dedication of giving our clients the kind of service they deserve. We add value to your needs while meeting your expectations.

Why Choose Our Services

Our company is unique from other service providers out there since we always provide outstanding service that you need. We are also consistent in manufacturing quality products. With our highly regarded assurance department, all outgoing products are perfectly checked before they are offered in the market.

Once our products are in your hands, you’ll see how efficient they are for your business needs. Our pride is to market quality in every item that we produce. Our company also exports to Turkey, USA, and Spain. Through our after-sales service, we guarantee you satisfaction and relief from your requirement issues.

Look no further…

We simply specialize in producing exceptional metal fibers that our clients are looking to find. If you need our service, please don’t hesitate to contact us today and we’ll give you free quotes. Let us be your number one partner when it comes to quality metal products in the country.