Mission and Vision

What we stand for ..


Addas Group’s mission is centered on positioning our presence close to our customers within the country and globally. It is our mission to provide only the highest quality of products offered not just at a competitive, but reasonable price.

Meeting our clients’ expectations is where our belief lies. We believe that the way to achieve that is through quality products. The past years had been good to us which allowed us to take our company to the international market.

Upon realizing that, more things are expected from us to ensure the quality of our products. More than meeting clients’ expectations, we also aim to deliver satisfaction to every customer that turns our way. One way that we can make sure of that is by paying great attention to our after sales service.


It is our vision to acquire the most market share in the sector we are in while continuously improving and maintaining the first class quality of our products.

Addas Group was founded with a particular vision in mind. Our vision is to translate customers’ requirements into cost-competitive and innovative products. This is the same vision that started our desire to become a leader in our market, both locally and globally. We have already reached one part of our desire in the local aspect.

Fortunately, our company is now on its journey to achieve the second half of our desire. We have already brought our company to the international market. From there, we strive to continue providing the level of service that led us to meet our clients’ satisfaction. This is just one of the many practices we apply to help realize our vision.

There are other practices and approaches that we employ. These are in regard with acquiring the latest technological advances that help support us in meeting the demands of our clients. We also strive to maintain and enhance our products’ quality. We believe that for that to be achieved, we must take into consideration our workforce as well. To do that, Addas Group continuously promotes a healthy working environment.

To completely ensure that we are succeeding in meeting clients’ satisfaction, we created a team designated to monitor customer feedback regularly. Meeting the highest level of quality is important to us. Hence, we commit that our employees achieve that top level of quality in all aspects at all times.

Knowledge and commitment are the influential elements that help our company fulfill our mission and realize our vision.