Egyptian Wire Drawing

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Egyptian Wire Drawing

Addas Group affiliate company, the Egyptian Wire Drawing was established in the year 1994 to focus on the production of drawn wire. For almost three years, the affiliate company’s activities were centered on the production of these materials. But, certain changes occurred in 1997.

It was this same year when EWD began producing other materials aside from drawn wires. These other products are steel corrugated fibers and steel wool fibers. It was an aggressive step taken by the company to penetrate the Egyptian market. Fortunately, this aggressive step resulted to something positive and significant to leveling up its standing in the market. The introduction of these new services vitally helped Egyptian Wire Drawing in increasing its market share, which further continued over the years.

Through all those years, the company was able to succeed in establishing a good reputation in the industry. EWD became recognized for its high quality products, a result that led to many more achievements afterward. This earned reputation brought the affiliate companies with more opportunities. Most of these opportunities helped them infiltrate various markets across the Middle East and Europe.

By 1997, EWD again entered a new production market. They introduced and began producing friction materials. The company is proud to say that, like the other ventures they made in the past years, this particular new service also boomed enough. This is the achievement that led them to gain their own market share in the United States. Today, EWD is already a recognized influential exporter to US companies.

Materials Produced by Egyptian Wire Drawing

  • Drawn Wire
  • Steel Wool
  • Steel Corrugated Fibers
  • Friction Materials

Drawn Wire The drawn wire produced by the company is in a wide range. It includes low carbon steel wire. The first category of drawn wire products are mainly used in nails, steel wool as well as other related industrial purposes.

Steel Wool Although the primary products produced by the company are drawn wires, they are now also a recognized provider when it comes to steel wool. They have their own R&D department which works together with the customers to know their particular requirements and meet their demands and needs. All steel wool produced by the company are done so in a manner that guarantees meeting their expectations. Their steel wool products are used in a wide array of applications and fields.

Steel Corrugated Fibers This type of steel fiber product is mainly used in cement piping, swimming pools, concrete basements, canalization, construction, heavy equipment foundation and other more uses that involve cement. As a material itself, steel corrugated fibers are known to perform better than the conventional techniques in reinforcing like mesh wire or bar. This material offers simple handling, strong concrete-bonding, uniform distribution and high tensile strength. These fibers no longer require the use of equipment when being applied into the shot-crete or concrete.

Friction Materials EWD is now one of the leading providers of quality-produced friction materials. In this service aspect, they are focused on developing and producing friction materials that meet the exact needs and requirements necessitated for every application to meet clients’ expectations.