Egyptian Metal Fibers Inc.

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Egyptian Metal Fibers Inc.

From the inception of Egyptian Metal Fibers Inc. in 2004, it purposely took over the friction material field. It then allowed the Egyptian Wire Drawing to concentrate more on the Middle and Local markets. Apart from being an affiliate of Addas Group and a partner of the famed Green Steel Solana for the past ten years, it became one of the largest friction material and steel fiber distributors in Europe and the Middle East.

Has Grown to Provide Service Hundreds of Customers

The company has grown to provide service to hundreds of customers around the world. Its production capabilities set it at its remarkable position for being a provider of friction materials and steel fibers. And due to the changing demands of the customers, it rather moved forward in meeting their needs. They also take a complete advantage of the innovations in the friction materials. They stayed updated to be at par in the competition.

Their manufacturing plant has been maintained by the staff for the continuous production of friction materials.

Addas Group’ Affiliate to Offer a Lot of Benefits

As an affiliate of Addas Group, Egyptian Metal Fibers Inc. is even more dedicated and established in corrugated fibers and steel wool. The best friction products are manufactured for the complete satisfaction of the clients.

Apart from it, a wide array of formulations is offered that are machined and molded to fit into dimensional configurations, motion control intricacies and technical support. There are many variations and base compounds that are made available as techniques and solutions to particular application issues.

The company is best and most capable of manufacturing friction materials and steel fibers for the industrial markets. Truly, it serves as a premier destination of friction and steel fiber materials that meet the specific needs of the clients.

Providing only the best solutions that exceed or meet the requirements of clients, it is building its reputation right from its inception to the present time.