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Eng. Salah Addas Chairman of the board

Company History

  • 1994 - Factory Established - Egyptian Wire Drawing Company
  • 1998 - Egyptian Metal Fibers Inc. Established
  • 2000 - Recieved ISO 9001
  • 2002 - Cooperation with Green Steel Solana
  • 2010 - Green Steel Brand Launch

Addas Group through the years

Addas Group’s board of directors established the factory in the year 1994. The people behind the factory’s establishment realized that it was the right period to take a step forward. This step was led by the confidence gained after obtaining an extensive experience in the corrugated fibers and steel wool market. These same people have already been managing a separate factory that they had since 1975.

At first, our plant only had one wire drawing machine and two steel wool machines. These were the number of machines we started with when we began penetrating the market.

After four years, in 1998, we started with another line of service, the production of chopped steel fibers. This type of steel fibers is used as a form of friction material incorporated in brake pads. This particular service was provided under a different company name. This is also one of our affiliate companies, the Egyptian Metal Fibers Inc.

From that period, we also started exporting our products to the United States in cooperation with the AMFI. This particular move became a great chance for our company to be recognized in the world. It helped us to improve our reputation in the worldwide scene. However, this move was not the only contributor to our company’s earned global reputation. Our premium quality product also contributed to this success of ours.

By 2002, it was when another big step was taken by the Addas Group. We worked on to establish a significant business deal with the leading company in metal fibers within Europe, the Green Steel Solana. This move resulted to an established cooperation between the two companies in 2010, under the Green Steel Egypt brand.

In 2008, Addas Group received the ISO 9001 Certificate. This served as the beginning of making our roots in the nails market. The company specializes in producing more than five nail types to supply the market.

At Present

From owning a limited number of machines, our plant now has a total of two wire drawing machines and five steel wool machines. Our plant has also started to produce premium quality metal fibers through these acquired machines. Our production team is now comprised with more than 85 workers and employees, a figure that significantly helped us in becoming today’s leading metal fiber exporters in a number of countries. We are exporting metal fibers and steel wool to Iraq, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Jordan, Kuwait, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.